Additional proof…

…that my SIL is either a complete bitch or completely clueless about how what she says affects others.

Keep in mind that her job is as a grief counselor for MADD. She knows my brother died 18 months ago, and thinks she is helping me.

SIL: Was Mother’s Day hard for your mom? (I don’t know, what do you think?)

SIL: Do you watch that show Desperate Housewives?
Me: Yeah.
SIL: Which one do you identify with?
Me: I don’t think any of them. I just like the show.
SIL: I think you are like Edye.
Me: (Silence)

SIL: Why don’t you want to have a baby? It will complete you.

SIL (baby in arms, wearing very soiled dress, I don’t know any babysitters): Can we go clubbing?

SIL: Do you want to feed the baby?
Me: Uh, I guess.
SIL (hands me bottle)
Me (Aims bottle towards baby’s mouth, baby turns head away)
SIL: (scooping baby and bottle up): Oh, he only eats for me.

SIL: My sister and I are still having trouble. I feel like I’ve lost her. Like she’s dead.
Me: (stunned silence)

~ by Larisa on May 16, 2005.

One Response to “Additional proof…”

  1. Oh my GAWSH.

    I’d hit her over the head with a frying pan. Cartoon-style.

    Eeek. Makes me glad my sister in law lives two time zones away.

    Hang in there.

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