Me me me me me me

That’s what I like about this blog thing. I can write about me. I know, very self-centered. But I don’t really care. I post to a bb, and I feel like I have to be really careful not to step on toes, not to offend, not to talk about me too much. But here, it’s all about me.

I really enjoy reading other blogs. It’s interesting to read their perspectives, and often to see how their feelings are so similar to mine. Sometimes, I swear, I’ve thought exactly what is written on someone else’s blog.

Still waiting for the doc to call me about the HSG results or the referral to the RE. I’m guessing if I don’t call him, he’ll send a letter that I’ll get at the end of next week. Hmmm…should I call and be one of “those” patients? I’ll probably wait until tomorrow if I do call.


~ by Larisa on May 19, 2005.

One Response to “Me me me me me me”

  1. My sentiments exactly. I’ve been a member of a board for a few years and while I love all the gals, I do have to watch what I say or I end up offending someone. Its also hard to visit because so many of them are pg or have had babies since I’ve been trying so it difficult so how easy it is for some.

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