Trust your gut!

I wish I had trusted mine. Back a year ago. That first cycle I charted with that 8 day luteal phase. I told myself, it’s not a big deal. The girls on my bb said not to worry. I haven’t had a luteal phase longer than 11 days in this entire year, and over half of them were 9 days or less. My gut told me something was wrong.

When I finally mentioned it to my doctor 9 months later, he did a 21 day progesterone level (7 dpo – which that cycle was cd 31) and when I called for the results, the nurse wouldn’t give them to me. She said I would have to talk to the doctor – which of course resulted in me panicking for the rest of that day. When I finally spoke to him, all he would say was, “The progesterone level is indicative of ovulation”. My instincts told me something wasn’t right with that statement – no shit I’m ovulating – I’ve got charts and charts that show ovulation. But I didn’t ask for the number.

About a week later, I was still festering about the progesterone level, so I wrote a letter – I explained that I knew I was ovulating, informed him of how many cycles I had a 9 day lp. He writes back the following:

The diagnosis of luteal phase defect is somewhat controversial and may be an appropriate thing for an infertility specialist to evaluate. However, I would recommend that we first get the results of the sperm analysis and the hysterosalpingogram back before I make this referral.

He still doesn’t include the value. I called back, he spoke to me on the phone, and assured me that the progesterone level was “normal”. Still no value. I tried to convince myself…but my gut was screaming.

I called today to set up my annual exam appointment and got the receptionist to look up the value. Mid luteal phase progesterone value = 8.6. That’s not normal. Yes, indicative of ovulation. My understanding is that doctors like to see a value over 10. Now – I know that luteal phase defects are supposed to be relatively easy to address, but I just feel like we could have started something earlier. That now I’m looking at going to the RE in 3 weeks (I made an appointment), and they may want to do further testing. And I just have to wait more.

If I had just trusted my gut. Talked to a doctor sooner.


~ by Larisa on May 23, 2005.

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