I took a break from my own blog. Ha! I was feeling down in the dumps about my period showing again. I guess I hoped that the HSG would be some kind of miracle worker, and *poof*, I’d be pregnant!

Summer was my mental deadline for being pregnant. I’ve repeatedly thought, “maybe by Christmas, definitely by summer” throughout the past year. Making it to that arbitrary deadline was disappointing. I may be a procrastinator, but I always meet deadlines. Apparently my uterus is ignorant of this fact.

So now, I tell myself that I won’t set anymore deadlines for actually being pregnant. The disappointment is just too heart-wrenching. Instead, my current deadline is that we will be done with RE testing and have a plan of attack by the time school starts back up in August. That sounds reasonable to me.

Oh, and if Katie Holmes ends up pregnant before me…well, it won’t be pretty.


~ by Larisa on June 9, 2005.

One Response to “deadlines”

  1. The thought of Katie pg before any of us is too unbearable!

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