Accepting nominations

for best friend of the year. Feel free to submit your stories.

I nominate me. Guess where I’m going today? Guess!

I’m going to an ob/gyns office to confirm a pregnancy. Only it’s not mine! I offered to accompany my best friend to her first doctor’s appointment. She called really nervous about the whole thing, and we had lunch plans anyway, so *gasp* I offered. She was really appreciative, and was worried that it would upset me (she gets big bonus points for that). She wants me to help her with her list of questions to ask before we go.

This is a person I have known since 6th grade. I see her weekly, we tell each other nearly everything. I can’t abandon her now, even though I kind of want to crawl under the bed with the kitties and just stay there. I think I wanted her to not get pregnant for at least 2 more months.

I’ll be back with lovely stories of my first visit with a pregnant woman to the doctor’s office.

In other news, my body is slowly being taken over by a little, bumpy, itchy rash. This happens from time to time (scratch, scratch). I know one trigger is sun exposure to my tummy – but that version doesn’t spread (scratch, scratch) horribly or get worse. This version (scratch) – spreads and I expect before the week is up I will be begging (scratch, scratch, scratch) some doctor for a prednisone prescription. Ooooh….scratch that! I found a prescription I have just for this purpose! YAY! I won’t have to get to the uber-swollen phase!

~ by Larisa on July 12, 2005.

4 Responses to “Accepting nominations”

  1. You do score major points for being a friend in a situation that you worry will be too much for you. She is lucky to have you, and I’m sure she knows it. Hang in there today!

  2. Good for you. I’m sure neither of you wants to lose the friendship.

  3. OMG! you are THE bestest friend of the millenium!! i will be thinking of you!

  4. Um… ok, so I have this thing for memorizing lines from Disney movies. And the one that popped into my head when I read this post was what Iago (Aladdin) said to himself as he was congratulating himself while doing an impression of his master, Jafar….

    “On a scale of one to ten, YOU are an eleven!”

    Good for you. Such a good friend.

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