hope springs eternal

So remember how I said I wouldn’t temp or buy OPK’s this cycle? Well, I’m a liar. Sort of.

I wasn’t temping. And then on cycle day 7 – there was EWCM – that has never happened this early in a cycle for me. I still didn’t temp. But I bought a box of opk’s – it was a negative the next day.

So I waited a few more days, decided that it was a fluke. Until yesterday. Copious amounts of EWCM on cd 13 – that has never happened this early in a cycle for me.

So I peed on a stick (oh how I love peeing on sticks!) and the OPK is positive (I’ll do another tomorrow). That has never happened this early in a cycle for me. The earliest positive I have ever gotten is like cd 18 or something.

So here I am, getting my panties all in a bunch – hoping, hoping, that this is a good sign. That maybe somehow this cycle could work for us.

Of course, it just means the disappointment will be amplified. But again, I’ll take progress – ovulating mid-cycle like a “normal” girl instead of on cd21 is progress to me!


~ by Larisa on July 14, 2005.

6 Responses to “hope springs eternal”

  1. Mmmm – mid cycle ovulation = good. Get to bed girlie!

  2. that’s great news! IF i ever ovulated i used to only do it around cd19 then one month i got it around cd14 (like a normal woman) and it freaked me out! ever since then i use an OPK starting from cd11. it’s expensive buy my body is so unpredictable that it’s a must. now get with your hubby and have a wild time!

  3. I hope that an early O does the trick!

  4. Good luck!! Have fun with the husband, and my fingers are crossed for you.

  5. Get out your candles and Barry White CD’s and get to work, girl! This is very good news. I hope it yields GREAT results.


  6. That’s awesome Mrs. Hope.

    I’ve got everything crossed for you over here that you ovulated mid-cycle.

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