it's time

for a little help from my friends. OK – women I’ve never met, but that’s not how the song I’m singing in my head goes.

So the follow-up appointment with the RE is Wednesday. I am mostly ready – the InfertiliBinder lies waiting. There are so many questions to ask – I hope that he answers most of them without me asking, but I want to be prepared. I have some questions typed up already, but I acknowledge wholeheartedly that I am new to this. I am hoping that you can help me by adding questions to that list. What do you wish you had asked at the beginning?

Everything feels bittersweet to me right now. I’m excited about this appointment because *maybe* we will have a plan. I’m disappointed that work begins on Monday without a plan. I’m disappointed that we have to *have* a plan.

Best friend’s second appointment was yesterday. She is 11+ weeks. She and her dh got to hear the heartbeat – he cried when he heard it. That’s what I want. Can I have some please?


~ by Larisa on August 6, 2005.

6 Responses to “it's time”

  1. These are questions I asked, as well as questions I wished I’d asked.

    1. How flexible is the scheduling?
    2. Will the RE handle my case, or will it be mostly the NP?
    3. If there is a snag in fertility what are payment options within the clinic?
    4. What is your clinic’s success rate with the treatment we will be receiving? (You should be told the live birth rate, not just the pregnancy rate)
    5. How likely is pregnancy to result from the recommended treatment?
    6. What are the chances of a multiple birth pregnancy resulting from this treatment?
    7. How much will the treatment cost?
    8. Should we repeat the treatment if it fails the first time?
    What other treatments would you recommend?
    9. Are there alternative forms of treatment we could try?
    10. Can you recommend a counselor or support group for us?

  2. everything teresa said sounds great. i just wanted to say i’ll be thinking of you and hoping all goes well. {{HUGS}}

  3. Teresa gave great questions. In addition you may want to ask how aggressive they are. If one protocol doesn’t work, do they make you try it again or will they tweak it so you don’t have the same result?

  4. Teresa gave you a great list. I’m hoping that the appointment goes well!

  5. I wished I would have insisted on every single test they could have done before starting treatment cycles. Plus I’d find out who will handle your questions when you call with them. And an emergency on-call number for after hours.

  6. I’d also try to get the lowdown on who there handles insurance claims and how the billing works in conjunction with insurance. Best of luck to you! I hope you walk away from the appt. truly satisfied and hopeful.

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