I think I love…

…my doctor. Not like in love. But love him like, say, a good friend. Not that that’s the right relationship either. I guess I love him like I should love a doctor. I liked him when I met him. He’s direct, has a sense of humor, seems appropriately aggressive, and has an apparently endless source of energy. He always asks if I have any questions. And he answers all of them.

He’s also protective in a weird way. A couple of examples: my maternal grandmother died of breast cancer. My doctor, upon finding this out, proceeded to tell my husband about how women can be saved from said disease, etc. He also gave a little lecture about being “safe” when I run alone.

He made a point of making sure that if I ever felt like things weren’t moving the way I wanted, to let him know. He said he can always be more aggressive. His plan is the one I would have written for myself for the time being. Yeah, I’m a little more concerned about dh’s morphology numbers than the doctor. But they may or may not matter. And I’m ok with that for now.

But the clincher happened yesterday. That little jump, the high five, and the exclamation points he wrote in my chart about the cyst being gone sealed the deal. He was genuinely excited to be able to move on, to DO something. Now, I’m not foolish enough to think that it’s because he likes me or something. I think he really likes what he does, and he likes to be good at it. I’m fine with that. In fact, I love that. I truly appreciate his desire to do a good job. I want someone who is intrinsically motivated.

Now, if I’m still here in six months or a year (or whatever), and I start complaining about my doctor, remind me of this post. Remind me of my doctor honeymoon period.

~ by Larisa on August 30, 2005.

6 Responses to “I think I love…”

  1. oh man i’m so happy you found yourself a great doctor. that is just as important as the treatment. i’m also happy to hear that the cyst decided to take a hike. YIPPEE!!!

  2. oh man i’m so happy you found yourself a great doctor. that is just as important as the treatment. i’m also happy to hear that the cyst decided to take a hike. YIPPEE!!!

  3. It’s absolutely awesome that the cyst disappeared.

    Your doctor might actually like YOU. My dad definitely has favorite patients that he loved to see, and people who consume his thoughts when he’s away from the office. His favorite patient above and beyond the rest is a cystic fibrosis patient who has lots of tattoos, and works as a bartender. She’s waiting for a double lung transplant. If the doctor is lecturing you about your jogging habits and is concerned about the possibility of breast cancer, my money is on him being as fond of you…

    I’m so glad things are going well.

  4. It’s great to have such a great relationship with the doc – take whatever preferential treatment you can get!

  5. A nice doctor you can trust is such a necessity in this journey. I am so glad you found “Dr. Right” on your first try.

    Yipee…no more BCPs, here comes the Clomid.

  6. Mrs. Hope,

    Congratulations on the cyst disappearing – that’s fantastic!

    You are so lucky to have found a doctor who actually sees you as a person, not just as a “number.” I wish we were all so lucky.

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