idle thoughts

Much as I try, I haven’t found a way to avoid thinking, thinking, thinking during this wait. What’s the opposite of counting your chickens before they’ve hatched? Pessimism?

I have spent quite a bit of time reading about sperm. Specifically the efficacy of IUI with an awful lot of funny shaped sperm. What I’ve found isn’t necessarily encouraging. It seems that most studies recommend something in the neighborhood of 10% normal morphology for IUI.

If I lurk around long enough on boards, I always find women who have gotten pregnant with poor sperm. Some have low everything, some have low morphology. So there is a sliver of hope.

For some reason, dh’s sample values this time are really bothering me. Apparently they crossed some mental threshold I had for funny sperm. Previous results had normal motility. This one did not. Previous results were above 5% normal forms (WHO), this one was not.

So in addition to sperm, I’ve been reading about how to pay for other fertility treatments. Things like borrowing money from the 401(k). Taking an early withdrawal from the IRA. Taking out a home equity loan. Borrowing money from family.

Off to go eat some cookies.


~ by Larisa on September 12, 2005.

3 Responses to “idle thoughts”

  1. The morph is a weird thing. Some docs say that if that’ sthe only problem, you;ll be fine, others blame all problems on morphology. As fpr paying for treatment, don’t ask me, it’s incredibly difficult. I guess you at least have some borrowing options, right?

    Have a cookie for me too!

  2. I am sorry that you are dealing with these heavy issues. Hopefully, this cycle will be a successful one for you. As for cost, I am not sure whether it’s best to borrow from your family or yourself. I guess it depends on what, if any, strings are attached if you borrow from your family. If none, go for it. If borrowing from family will only lead to more stress, perhaps you should avoid it. Hopefully, borrowing won’t be necessary.

  3. Augh! Why can’t IF be any less stressful? or less expensive?!!!

    Hang in there!
    PS Don’t forget the milk with that cookie.

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