things that annoy me right now

1) Pregnant best friend (PGBF) discussing aborting her baby if birth defects are found. I just cannot listen to that. I will not tell anyone what they can or cannot do, but when you are intimately aware of the fact that I can’t even *get* pregnant, don’t non-chalantly discuss that with me.

2) Pregnant coworker (well, she’s not pg anymore – she gave birth over the weekend) in a thank you note, referring to her children who were fighting at the restaurant where we had a shower for her, “See what you have to look forward to?”. She doesn’t even know we are trying, but that sentence made me throw the card in the trash.

3) People who ask when I will have children. I don’t know.

4) People who ask why I am working part-time this year. I don’t know, maybe because I have to spend entirely too much time on my way to the doctor, waiting for the doctor, and with the doctor. Oh yeah, this IF thing is a big secret, so I just say, “Because I can.”

5) My dog who insists on knocking stuff off of the kitchen counters. There is NO food up there. None.

6) People who ask for my advice in helping them with students problems who just keep saying, “No, that won’t work” without actually trying anything.

I am clearly in some sort of emotional funk right now. There really is a nice person hiding out under this layer of rage.


~ by Larisa on September 13, 2005.

10 Responses to “things that annoy me right now”

  1. Rage can be very functional and thereaputic. I know very well though, that it can also be depressing and frustrating, and I’m sorry that things are getting to you.

    I, too, hate the teacher who whines about a problem but won’t give credence to anyone’s suggestions. Then live with it, I say. That’s the only choice you have left.

    As for the other things, my heart goes out to you. Damn all this cloak and dagger crap we go through. Damn insensitive people who live oblivious to their thoughtlessness.

    Damn IF for making you feel like a monster. You’re not. You *are* a nice person, and I think you’re rather witty and warm.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. I think we can all see that underneath person. I think we all have one. I’m sorry that the people around you are so awful, I’d say slap ’em all! But I haven’t figured out a good defense for an assault case yet.

  3. LOL at Katie’s reply.

    I think we all go through times like that. Doesn’t make you any less of a good person.

    Any one of those numbers could probably put me in an emotional funk, too!

  4. Special ed. teachers are the BEST resource for what to do with a problem kid… anyone would be a fool not to listen.

    Rage away… you can’t tuck it inside because it will rot your soul.

    “See what you have to look forward to?” AARRGGHHH… I even had a woman who went through IF treatment for two years say that crap to me. Some people just don’t think.

    Be annoyed. It’s allowed. But forgive your dog 🙂

  5. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to feel angry and frustrated given everything you’re going through. I definitely have less patience with silly comments — like new mom best friend (pg first month of “trying”), who encouraged me to do IVF b/c she heard it wasn’t so bad (how the heck would she know!)

    IF can drive a perfectly nice person to her wits end and beyond! Don’t be too hard on yourself.

  6. It’s your blog so rage all you want…we totally understand. The world is full of idiots (and naughty dogs!)

  7. Ugh, I hate those “are you sure you are ready for this?” comments to… and mine come from a few people who KNOW what we have been through! ACK! So sorry you are having to deal with a bunch of asshats right now!

  8. I so sympathise. I want to kill lots of people, lots of the time right now. The only way I have to get through it is to take lots of deep breaths and not beat myself up for feeling impatient and angry with people

  9. Oh that is very annoying. I think people are blind when it comes to their blessings and other’s pains. I am sorry those conversations happened.

  10. Mrs. Hope my dear, I think that hardly even qualifies as rage! And we certainly know what a nice person you are.

    I especially hope you told PGBF that speaking so cavalierly about abortion with you might not be the best course of action.

    I’m sending hugs your way.

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