This week needs to be over. I am wracked with anxiety.

My parents live in Houston. My mother is on her way here as of 5AM today, and my father is on his way to Dallas. I talked to them last night. They were moving furniture upstairs and gathering the things to take with them. I had to remind them to get my brother’s ashes. I just picture the roof of the house blowing off and taking my brother’s remains with it.

On top of that true anxiety – worry for my family – there is drama and complication at work. There is a new teacher who is having personality issues with nearly everyone. And this week, it’s my turn. She has decided everything going wrong in her classroom is my fault. That I haven’t trained her.

I have spent hours with this woman going over strategies, materials, specific students. She claimed in front of my colleagues that I hadn’t provided her with materials I had promised. I have. I reminded her of the conversation. I reminded her where she put them in her room. She looked at me blankly.

So I’ve been stuck in staff meetings with her all week. And I have 2 more next week. I dread walking into her classroom. It makes me angry. This is just a job (the kids are important, yes, but her personal issues are not), and she is making it more than that. Poop on her.


~ by Larisa on September 22, 2005.

10 Responses to “anxiety”

  1. Mrs. Hope, I hope your parents make it out of Rita’s way safely and that their house and belongings are left untouched…

  2. I hope your parents stay safe! And I feel for you for having to work with someone like that. Ugh!

  3. I hope your parents are safe very soon.

    And I am sorry about your colleague, she sounds like a real wreck, who is looking for excuses for her own shortcomings.

    BTW — good luck with IUI #2!!!

  4. Hi Mrs. Hope,
    I just found your blog and realized we have a lot in common. Of course, the TTC thing but also the grief (my mother died in July)and if I’m not mistaken we probably live in the same area. I hope you survive the weekend okay and that your parents are safe.

    I’ll check back.

  5. I will be thinking about your family and their home! Tell that newbie teacher if she messes with my friend anymore I am gonna kick her arse!

  6. Thinking of and praying for your family.

  7. I’m glad your parents are getting out of Rita’s way. I hope she spares the house.

    I had an experience much like yours with a co-worker. Turned out she was INSANE. Truly, I’m not speaking in hyperbole. My crazy person walked out never to return. I hope you have the same good fortune.

  8. Mrs. Hope, I hope that Rita’s wrath calms long before they hit your parents’ house. How stressful.

    As for the coworker, are you her mentor? If not, I would kindly try to avoid her! You need to protect yourself right now.

  9. My thoughts are with your parents Mrs. Hope and that things go ok for them.

    This teacher sounds like she’s got capital I issues. Hopefully your turn’s over now and she can vent her crazy round on someone else…

  10. I can’t stand ppl who make a potentially stressful job even more so. Boo to her. Next time, you can just tell her to get a life, and say that we said so.

    Hoping that all is ok with your family.

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