Interview with an 8 ball

Hi. We’re here with the Magic 8 Ball. I was getting tired of not having the answers, so I decided to just ask the 8 Ball. No, I haven’t completely lost my mind. Only a little.

Me: Will I ever be pregnant?
8: Better not tell you now.
Me: Well that’s kind of vague. Will I get pregnant via IUI?
8: Very doubtful.
Me: Oh. Well, I knew that…the statistics aren’t that great. How about via IVF?
8: Reply hazy, try again.
Me: I don’t think you understand. I need an answer. Will my husband’s sperm morphology improve?
8: My reply is no.
Me: Let’s try this again. Will I get pregnant if we do IVF?
8: Yes.
Me: OK. That’s all I needed to know.

~ by Larisa on October 19, 2005.

5 Responses to “Interview with an 8 ball”

  1. Ah, the awesome power of the Magic 8 Ball. Sometimes they are so assuring… other times, fickle bastards.

    It better treat you right, or else there’ll be trouble.


  2. Oh ya gotta love the magic 8 ball!!

  3. I forgot all about the magic 8 ball. I want one. Have you some sort of timeframe in mind before you decide to make the leap to IVF?

  4. Hooray for the 8 ball. Last time I consulted one, it only said try again later. Yes is much better.

  5. Ah I need my own 8 ball, it would be so nice to have some answers!

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