For at least two hours today, I forgot. I forgot that I desperately want to have children. I forgot that I am having trouble achieving that goal.

We went to Enchanted Rock. We took the dog. The rock is a dome-shaped granite protrusion from the earth. It is hard and jarring like you would expect granite to be – not like the earth we walk on usually. It made me think of those ores with the crystals in them. Like if you cracked the whole thing open, it would be full of shiny crystals. Husband kept saying it was like being on another planet. You climb the rounded dome – about 4oo feet in about half a mile. You can see for miles around – it’s all Texas hill country. Cactus, scrub oaks, cedar, and some other granite formations in the distance.

On the way home, I remembered. But at least I had a couple of hours.

~ by Larisa on October 23, 2005.

4 Responses to “peace”

  1. Those couple of hours — they are like tiny little miracles, aren’t they?

    I’m glad you were able to fully experience being at the rock. Living those moments is always lovely.

  2. Yes, lately I have experienced those “hours off” too, it’s quite bizarre when you suddenly remember…

    The rock sounds amazing. I love rocks, fossils, all that kind of stuff. I would have been right there with you, musing about the crystals etc.

  3. You had a perfect weather for Enchanted Rock. I still want to go out there and hike during the full moon.

  4. Wow – I had completely forgotten about Enchanted Rock. I used to go there sometimes, eat BBQ in Llano, and pick wildflowers in the spring along the area.

    Thanks for the vivid memories. And yes, those precious moments when it’s not pressing on our mind are wonderful.

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