I love my husband. With all my heart.

I love that he is so optimistic.

I love that he believes.

I love that he jokes.

I love that he loves me.

I love his smile.

I love that he suggests names for the children we don’t have.

~ by Larisa on October 24, 2005.

4 Responses to “names”

  1. hmmm, i seem to be very fond of your hubby as well.

  2. Mrs. Hope, you sound like you have an absolutely WONDERFUL hubby! Hang on to that fella 🙂

  3. He sounds like such a charmer. Sometimes I think it helps to be reminded that they have hopes too.

    Without them I don’t know how we’d manage.

  4. It’s so nice that your husband still has so much hope. I think it’d be easier if one of us, my husband or me, had some hope left. It’s a comfort, isn’t it? For someone so close to you to have that kind of faith… it must be nice.

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