dog day

Thanks for all your kind words. I was a really sad girl yesterday. It helps to know and to read that the feelings and experiences I have are similar to those that others have had. There is solace knowing I am not alone, knowing that you all are still plugging along.

The difference a day makes is interesting. I’m still not me, but I arrived home to a sick and miserable dog. She gave me my purpose for today at least – clean up the 6 giant puke stains off of the carpet (why is that animals always puke on carpet – never on the wood or tile?) and tend to her. She definitely isn’t feeling well – moping and moving quietly.

Tomorrow’s purpose – follicle check. I hope that seeing those follicles (there must be at least one on my right ovary) will give me renewed hope for this cycle.

Silly story for the day – dh’s cell phone started chiming that it’s battery was low in the middle of the night. It woke us both up, and he reached to turn it off. Then the home phone started ringing, so I started to hop up to answer. Instead of pushing the off button, he pushed the speed dial button for our house.


~ by Larisa on October 28, 2005.

2 Responses to “dog day”

  1. The reason animals get sick on the carpet and not on the wood is supposedly because they seek comfort the comfort of a soft environment… yes, I’m an Animal Planet geek.

    I’m pulling for your follies. I hope things plump out nicely on your ovaries.

  2. You asked on Sheryl’s blog about the urban legends — The urban legends of IF are those lucky few who get pregnant while on vacation, while on a break, or just before beginning an IF protocol… we always hear about those people, but it is so rare to become one of them. I wonder if they truly exist.

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