u/s update

Dr. is very much pleased with my response to Clomid 25mg. Three follicles total – two on the right at 18mm and 22mm, one on the left at 22.5mm.

I actually had a positive OPK this morning, so no trigger this cycle. I go in tomorrow for the IUI.

Let the sperm cooperate!


~ by Larisa on October 29, 2005.

4 Responses to “u/s update”

  1. That’s great Mrs. Hope. Three follicles sounds perfect. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for great sperm.

  2. Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Thinking of you for this IUI! Go sperm, Go!!! I will reassure you that the only time I ever saw double lines, my DH sperm counts were the worst EVER. So, there is great hope!

  4. I bow to your impressive Clomid abilities. I only got three follicles on the devil drug ONCE, and that was on 200mg.

    Go body, go!

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