Dear Ovaries,

You have outdone yourselves the past two cycles. Excellent work. Release those eggs!

Hugs & Kisses,

Dear Eggs,

Be healthy and happy. Do not be afraid. This is your destiny, your purpose. Travel through those tubes, and do not be afraid of those swimming creatures. They are on a mission of their own. Just let one in. Just one. That’s all I ask. They come from a nice boy, and I promise they are friendly. Meet, divide, and grow!

With Love,

Dear Sperm,

You have been underachieving as of late. Swim! Swim! Swim! Your lives really do depend on it. You are looking for a fluffy egg – when you see it, approach. Do not flee, do not forget your purpose. If you are not a swimmer, or you are oddly shaped, please move out of the way and let the others pass you. Not all of you can accomplish your goal, and most will die trying. This is your only chance! Fertilize! Fertilize!

With encouragement,


~ by Larisa on October 30, 2005.

2 Responses to “dear…”

  1. Yes!
    And don’t forget “Dear Fledgling Embryo…” It’s always fun to leave instructions for implanting.

    Oh this is fun- I could come up with all sorts of dears. I hope your letters are complied with promptly and efficiently, Larissa.

    *crossing everything,*

  2. Straighten up and fly right, boys!

    Good luck, Mrs. Hope.

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