brat no more

I am such a brat. I have been a miserable little whiny girl for nearly three days. I am going to blame it on my period. I never do that, but this time, I am.

I’ve been waiting for something good to happen. And it did.

I started my period. Today. I got a doctor’s appointment. Today.

I will give myself my first Gonal-F injection. Tonight.

This is the happiest I’ve been about starting my period that I can ever remember. I don’t even hate being a girl today.

Oh, and not to beat a dead horse, but the baked goods thing…man, that has worked for me like nothing I would have imagined.

~ by Larisa on December 19, 2005.

6 Responses to “brat no more”

  1. Hey Larissa,
    I’m glad your so upbeat on CD1:) I swear, the first night I gave myself the shot I was a bit squimish, but after a couple nights it was nothing.
    Hopefully this is it for you:)


  2. And I’m not braggin’ either, but- it’s good advice, eh? Also works well with co-workers and mail delivery people.

    So glad you are started on your way with the injections. I know what to ask Santa for you.

  3. Good luck with the injections!

  4. Hope the shot went well…the first is always the hardest. Hope the happiness continues.

  5. I’m so glad the baked goods has worked wonders. I’m still too shy to do it with our practice as it seems so un-English but maybe I should give it a go. I’m so glad things are underway for you now!

  6. The baked goods worked well for me, too. Drama is SO smart… but now I don’t care because I’m sick of that place.

    Good luck with the shots. You get used to them fast.

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