Monday, again

So my period didn’t wait until tomorrow. It is here today.

I have an appointment Wednesday for a baseline ultrasound. This will be the first completely self-pay cycle. It will be worth it if it works, and even more frustrating if it doesn’t.

Which brings me to my decision pondering. I am eligible for a study at my clinic. I don’t want to go into all the details, but it involves IVF. My doctor estimates the success rates would be reduced by about half, but the cost is reduced by two-thirds.

I’ve been mulling this for almost 6 weeks. There are very few spots left; in fact, it’s possible there are none since the last time I spoke with the research coordinator.

Pros to the study include:

  1. They get to mess around with my cervix and figure out how to successfully get around it
  2. This is the only way we would be able to afford 2 rounds of IVF (one reduced rate, one full cost – then that’s it)
  3. The embryo transfer would not be in the same cycle as retrieval – giving my ovaries a chance to calm down
  4. I have yet to be able to convince myself that IUIs will work for us
  5. We get to “experiment” with my response to the drugs
  6. It could work

Cons include:

  1. The reduced success rate
  2. Having to go through IVF, and having to decide soon because there are a limited number of spots in the study
  3. The embryo transfer would not be in the same cycle – making me wait longer
  4. It could fail

J thinks we should do whatever the doctor says. The doctor has been a little vague – he says it is fine if I do the study, but cautioned me about the success rates. I think his “official” position would be to do two more IUIs, then IVF. If we wait that long, I know there will not be any more spots in the study. Sometimes, I think I’m fine with that. Do the IUIs first. Make sure that they won’t work before moving on to IVF.

At this point, I’ve probably waited too long to do the IVF study this cycle anyway. So do I do it next cycle if this cycle fails? I’m waiting on a call back from the research coordinator. I think she’s off today, so I expect a call tomorrow.

~ by Larisa on January 9, 2006.

9 Responses to “Monday, again”

  1. Mrs. Hope – I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’re able to figure out the right path.

    Thinking of you.

    And I’m so sorry that you have to even make this decision.

  2. Man, that’s a tough call. The only thing that would prevent me from saying go for it is the transfer not being the same cycle. Good luck with whichever decision you make.

  3. Hey Larissa,
    First off, I wanted to say I’m so sorry that stupid af showed:(

    Regarding the study- I hope that you find an answer soon that makes you happy. I am a little bit in the same boat as you. Except I don’t have the option of the study. After this cycle if I am not pregnant I am moving on to IVF. Really there aren’t any reasons why I should not try IUI with injectibles a couple more times. I only gave it 2 tries. ( plus an IUI cycle with clomid ). Maybe I am jumping the gun a little at IVF, but I feel really comfortable with my desiciion to move on, and I somehow know it is right.
    Don’t do the IUI cycles because you feel like you have to. Only do them if you want to.
    I liked the reasons you came up with for the Pro’s. They all made really good sense.

    I hope you find your answer soon.


  4. What a difficult decision. Your pros list is very good but I understand if you would want to do another IUI and hopefully avoid IVF. Good luck.

  5. Whatever your decision I will be here…

  6. Although I hate giving assvice, if it was me I’d do the study. IVF is not nearly as hard as it feels like in anticipation, and IUIs are a waste of time in comparison because the success rates are so low.

    However, you need to figure out what’s best for you.

  7. Mrs. Hope, If you don’t mind sharing, do you know what the reasons are for the lowered IVF success rate? Is it solely due to the freezing of embryos for transfer later?

    I’m thinking that even the lowered success rate of IVF is probably still higher than that of IUI – but maybe you should check with your doctor if that’s the case?

    Wishing you peace with whichever route you decide.

  8. Mellie-

    It’s actually an EGG freezing study – there is loss of the eggs through the freeze process and they don’t fertilize as well and pregnancies don’t occur as often.

  9. Tough decision. I wish I had a reliable crystal ball, but all I have are dusty light bulbs.

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