Today is 12 & 13 days past the IUIs. 14 days past the trigger. FRER is negative.

Yeah, it could be a *little* early, but I don’t really think so.

I figure my period will probably show tomorrow. If not, I’ll just go for my scheduled beta on Wednesday (snickering as I type that).

~ by Larisa on January 9, 2006.

7 Responses to “Monday”

  1. I’m so sorry hon. 😦

  2. I’m sorry Larissa:(
    I know how frusterating it is to see that damn single line.

    I am hoping that somehow it is still too early


  3. FRER loves to break hearts, huh?

    I didn’t test positive for my first pregnancy until day 15.

    I wish I was pregnant. I wish you were, too.

  4. Damn Mrs. Hope. I’m so sorry for yet another failed cycle. Why oh why must it go this way? You should immediately plan something fun and frivolous. I, personally, made an appt. at the MAC store for a make-up application. Something to look forward to despite the suckiness of IF.

  5. Mrs. Hope-
    I have been thinking aout you all day! I am sorry the test came out negative.

  6. Damn HPTs. I’m so sorry.

  7. Could you sue the producers of FRER for emotional distress?

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