I spoke too soon…

So I felt great Sunday after the 1/2. Sore on Monday, to be expected. But then Tuesday came and my right foot started to hurt. And hurt. And hurt. This morning, I barely made it down one length of the school hallway. I have to walk those halls repeatedly each day.

The physical therapist was there today and chastised me into going home and making a doctor’s appointment. I did.

But I don’t really know the point. He took x-rays, saw some “worrisome” spots on the x-ray, but nothing that definitely looks like a fracture. The radiologist will read the films next, but I don’t expect him to see anything, either. Apparently stress fractures often don’t show up on x-rays until they begin to heal. He said it could be plantar fascitis, but my symptoms are not typical.

So my instructions are to stay off it (ha!), take an anti-inflammatory that is not supposed to be taken if you are pg or trying to get pg, and wait for the call about my x-rays.


~ by Larisa on February 2, 2006.

One Response to “I spoke too soon…”

  1. Oy. So sorry to hear that! But YES – stay off it!

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