exhibit closed

Nope, nopthing to gape at here. No miracle cycle or bloggy urban legend. No wondrous epiphany about actual sex creating babies. It’s CD1.

Really, I’m ok. I didn’t expect anything different, and I’m relieved my period showed up on time.

Though I wouldn’t have said it at the time, the squatter cyst was maybe a blessing in disguise. My body, mind, and spirit got a break from all the meds. I got to run the 1/2 marathon.

But most of all, I feel more like me than I have in at least 6 months. I’m smiling and laughing with ease. Which is me.

My consult is Monday. My list of questions grows by the day. I’m hoping to have a plan that includes starting on bcps that day.


~ by Larisa on February 4, 2006.

6 Responses to “exhibit closed”

  1. I’m sorry. As much as I hated breaks, after it was over I was always glad we had it. I’m still impressed with the marathon. I doubt I’d be able to run to the end of the block on a good day šŸ™‚

  2. I’m sorry. It still sucks even if you were expecting it. Good luck with the consult on Monday.

  3. Yes, back in business! I can imagine you’re glad to get started again, even though you had some fun during your break.

  4. This is an exciting time! On to the big guns… shoot the IF bitch down, and then kick her in the neck for me.

  5. You sound like you are relieved but still sad I’m sure. I hope that something comes about from your appointment tomorrow! Keeping you in my thoughts!

  6. Oh it hurts, I know it hurts. Every every time. I hope that consult goes well.

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