ICSI it is

So after Mellie’s horrible news, I was very curious to see what the embryology folks would think of J’s sperm.

His appointment was yesterday. The embryology place actually has a room with “reading” material. Very different from the bathroom on the bottom floor of the office building where the clinic is.

Everything sucked. His count was low. His motility was “normal”, but none of the sperm had forward progression. Apparently they were just wiggling. And the morphology was the worst it’s been so far. The number they came up with was 840,000 wiggling, normally shaped sperm.

So ICSI it is. I am so fine with that.

I’m still waiting on my protocol. A woman I’ve been in contact with is two days behind me, and she got hers today. I know I will be pushed back a week due to the lab closure. So I will have to take something like 7-9 extra birth control pills. I anticipate that (assuming no cysts) I’ll begin stims somewhere around March 13th, 14th, or 15th. It seems both far away and right around the corner.


~ by Larisa on February 17, 2006.

7 Responses to “ICSI it is”

  1. Oh those little steps towards getting started. Why oh why does the whole thing take so long? I’m glad that J has some sperm, so that ICSI is an option. Hoping that your protocol shows up soon.

  2. I hope that this IVF journey brings you a much desired miracle!

  3. Well, at least the lab will be spankin’ clean for your go ’round! It’ll get here. In the meantime, any hobbies you’ve been meaning to pick up?

  4. J has enough… more than enough. I hope it all goes well, and that times flies for you.

  5. Hoping the wait won’t be too bad. Wishing you the best with this cycle.

  6. That whole “far away, right around the corner” thing?
    I totally get that.
    Hope time moves quickly; I’m so excited that your salvation from IF hell may be close at hand.

  7. Thinking of you and hoping this goes smoothly.

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