protocols, drugs, and birthdays

A protocol with my name on it exists. It’s in the mail, but not before I made the nurse read the whole thing to me over the phone. I will take 6 extra birth control pills. I have a pre-Lupron u/s on 3/3, and if there are no cysts, I beging Lupron on 3/4. Stims are scheduled to begin 3/13. Retrieval somewhere on or after 3/22. The only thing I’m not sure of is when the trial transfer will happen. I have to call tomorrow about something else (to follow), so I’ll ask then.

The protocol included the long list of assorted medications for the cycle. My doctor had been using Freedom, but apparently has decided to start using someone else. They called today and gave me the pricing. Freedom is $900 cheaper for just the Gonal-f. Yeah. I’m not going to be getting my drugs from the other company just because that’s who my doctor is using now. This is all out of pocket. So that’s what I have to call about tomorrow.

Finally, Tuesday is my 29th birthday. J and I have dinner reservations here, which will be followed by some yummy chocolate cake. Supposedly, these are my birthday present.

Truthfully, my birthday present is the hope this IVF cycle brings with it. I’ve told J over and over that all I want for my birthday is IVF.

I’ve tried so hard not to set deadlines by which I would be pregnant. But this summer, I begged that this wish would be filled before PGBF’s due date, before my birthday. That wish hasn’t been granted. I really haven’t been dwelling on it. I’m still sad that PGBF is waiting for her daughter to arrive any moment, while I’m waiting on a box of drugs to arrive on my porch.

The good thing? I’m looking forward to that box of drugs, to that pre-Lupron u/s. They bring hope and the best shot I’ve got right now.

~ by Larisa on February 21, 2006.

7 Responses to “protocols, drugs, and birthdays”

  1. I hope these next few weeks fly by and you get the BFP you’ve been waiting on!

  2. Happy birthday! I love those shoes. May have to buy them myself.

    Glad to hear you were able to get your protocol. I don’t understand why your RE wouldn’t let you use Freedom. I’ve been quite happy with the service there.

    Hope you get the present you really want.

  3. Hold on to that HOPE! I know it feels good to be doing something and to be making progress.
    Have a great birthday!!

  4. Mrs. Hope –
    Hooray for the protocol! It’ll happen soon. I know what you mean about trying so hard not to set dates – but I think it’s impossible to do. But it’s great news that things are moving forward. I hope knowing that allows you to truly enjoy your birthday.

    Also, what drugs are you using? I might have some left over ones I could send you.

  5. I’m glad you are not using Freedom Pharmacy. That is the pharmacy I’ve been bitching about to you!

  6. Congratulations on the protocol. I hope all your birthday wishes come true!!

  7. Love the kicks! I hope this birthday brings the gift you really want.

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