a beginning

PGBF went in for her induction yesterday. She gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl late last night. I went early this morning for my first of many visits with my new “niece”. Mom and baby seem to be doing well. It’s surreal to see my friend of nearly 20 years with a baby. Her baby.

I haven’t cried a drop. At least not yet.

While PGBF brought new life into the world, J and I were going over all of the consent forms for IVF and what to do in the hypothetical situation that we have frozen embryos. If there are more than we desire to eventually put back, or in case of both of our deaths, I would be fine with donation either to an infertile couple or for research. J is not ok with either of those options, so we will not be doing that. Instead, we will have to write a will designating someone to make sure that the embryos are destroyed. That makes me sad somehow, but I also need to respect J’s wishes.

So we are signing consents, reviewing financial information, reading about complications, and creating calendars with appointments and med dosages on them while no longer PG BF holds her little girl.

Am I jealous? Probably. I feel resigned and somehow conquered. Resigned that this is the path we must follow. And almost like IF wins.


~ by Larisa on February 26, 2006.

4 Responses to “a beginning”

  1. Why is J uncomfortable with embryo donation either way? It’s great that you are talking these things through together, and that you are doing so well with the new baby. Long may both continue.

  2. I can’t believe she already gave birth. How fast time goes – including the time until you start IVF and show IF that it does not, in fact, win. I’m so hopeful for you – and so hope that you’ll be in ex-pg bf’s position soon enough.

  3. Oh babe…
    IF does NOT win. You’re going to beat the holy crap out of it.
    One way or another… you will win, because you’ll end up whole and happy.

  4. It does seem slightly unfair that we have to jump through hoops to achieve something that should be so natural.

    Thank you also for finding my blog and commenting. It made me smile for a whole day. 🙂

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