After two phone calls made by me, four phone calls from my RE’s office, and much fretting, I have an appointment for a second trial transfer on Friday. It will be a bloody mess, but my doctor has been made aware of that fact.

My first phone call was Tuesday morning. Nurse Who Was in the Room for the Terrible IUI and the Failed Trial Transfer answered and thought my question, “Would Dr S consider re-attempting the trial transfer using u/s guidance?” was brilliant. She did mention that Dr S was out of town until Wednesday, but that she would ask either when he called in that day or when he came back into the office. Fine. Lovely.

Then the IVF nurse called. Apparently I had broken some territorial boundary – asked a “normal” nurse an IVF question. And no, it would not be necessary to do another trial transfer, and besides, I probably wouldn’t tolerate it anyway. I was crying silent tears at this point, understanding that she had no intention of asking my doctor my question. I let her go without protesting.

I called her back. And I asked if she was planning on actually asking Dr S my question. She replied that the question was written in my chart (like he is going to read my chart in the 2.5 days he will be in town before leaving again). I told her I really wanted her to at least ask. I admitted that his answer might well be no, and that my request might be a little irrational. She consented.

She called back today and said, “He said we’ll do another one if you want to. He has an opening at …..”

I fully expect him to razz me a little for asking, but I don’t care. I’m getting what I wanted. I’m proud I stood up for myself. And if it works, I will feel so much better. Bloody mess and all.

~ by Larisa on March 8, 2006.

9 Responses to “sigh….”

  1. Good for you! Damn nurse.

  2. You should feel proud of yourself for standing up to the mean nurse! It can be so hard to have to be confrontational with these people who are supposed to know more than you. I hope the u/s guidance really helps.

  3. You know your body better than anyone else — even better than the experts. I’m really proud of you that you stood your ground.

  4. Good for you for sticking up for youself! Keep us updated sweetie. (((HuGs!))))

  5. He won’t be angry. Don’t ask me how I know, but you won’t get any guff from him.

    This is hard. And you’re only advocating for yourself- he understands that.

    So no worries. You’re golden. And good for you. And good luck.

  6. Good for you.

    It’s awful that you have to be the one to be so forceful with this, but damn it – some one has to.

    Thinking of you.

  7. Good for you. You have inspired me! I have been down because at my appointment on Wednesday I was told that the doctor who messed up the first transfer last time would be the doctor doing my transfer next week. Last time my doctor ended up coming in from her mat leave because he made such a mess. Tomorrow I am going to call and tell them that I am just not comfortable with him and I want another doctor to do the procedure. I know they will give me a hard time but we are paying for these treatments and it is our lives so we have to stand up for ourselves.

  8. Good for you. You are the best advoacate for you. It is really impressive that you stood your ground. I am generally a wimp in that arena.


  9. Bitch. I’m so glad you called back. This process is hard enough without the bloody clinics making it harder all the time!!

    Sorry, am having a bad day. But I am glad you persisted.

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