a lady who lunches

Well, for a week. I love spring break. It marks the half-way point in the spring semester. It means that summer break is around the corner.

My plans this week (other than IVF stimulation) include a pedicure, a haircut, hopefully a massage, lunches with friends, gardening, cleaning, touch-up painting, a little sewing, some running, and a trip or two to the dog park.

I start stims tonight. Friday will be the first b/w and u/s check for this cycle.

~ by Larisa on March 14, 2006.

4 Responses to “a lady who lunches”

  1. Mrs. Hope, I’ll be thinking of you. And envying your leisure lifestyle!

  2. good luck with your cycle! I found you via amanda’s blog.

    enjoy your pampering.

  3. You know I’ll be cyberly with you every step of the way, right?

    And do do do get the massage. Massages are amazing.


  4. Good luck!

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