day 2

Ok. I have been an emotional wreck today. I don’t feel well – I’m blaming the tetracycline I’m on. My car wouldn’t start on Friday, and it’s been at the dealership (still under warranty) since. They called and said it was finished, so we went to pick it up…and it wouldn’t start for them. So we waited another hour.

Then we got home and had to do the first PIO shot. I burst into tears at the sight of J holding that syringe with that needle attached. And the stupid shot was fine.

I still don’t know about 3 day or 5 day. The nurse said they don’t want to decide until they look at the embryos in the morning. I am tentatively booked for a transfer tomorrow, and they are supposed to call me by 10AM to let me know for sure.

They looked at them today…and here are the grades/cells. My clinic uses grades 1 to 4. The nurses quote was as follows: “1 is perfect, 2 is nearly so, 3 is not so good, and 4 is bad.” When we started this, I didn’t realize I would need not only an education on reproduction, but embryological development as well.

Grade 2: 3 five-celled, 2 four-celled, 1 three-celled, 3 two-celled
Grade 3: 2 five-celled…”still dividing” so they are “monitoring” them. It doesn’t sound like they think they will do well.

She gave me the impression that it’s the 3 five celled and the 2 four celled that we should be hoping for. I gather that if those all make it to eight cells by morning, there is a good chance we will go to a 5 day transfer instead.

I don’t really have a preference. I just hope it works.

***spanglish – your comment brought me to tears. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.***

~ by Larisa on March 28, 2006.

One Response to “day 2”

  1. Excellent news on the embryos. I will wish you luck for tomorrow but expect to be hearing that you will be moving transfer out by 3 days. Good Luck!

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