How do I feel? That’s the question I keep hearing.

I don’t know. Scared? Hopeful? All of that and everything in between.

Five of our remaining embryos arrested at the multi-cell stage. Three more made it to the blastocyst stage – two were “falling apart” and very poor quality. They froze the remaining good one.

OHSS doesn’t seem to be an issue.

My doctor and I had a productive email exchange about how irritated and disappointed I was about my transfer. He has apologized profusely.

My beta is Saturday. I will be very tempted to test tomorrow, which is the equivalent of 12 dpo.


~ by Larisa on April 5, 2006.

6 Responses to “8dp3dt”

  1. Mrs. Hope, your doctor sounds like a pretty good guy. I think I missed what you were so disappointed about with the transfer…

    Will you let us know if you do decide to test before beta day? So hoping this is it for you guys…

  2. Good luck if you decide to break out the pee sticks soon. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  3. I hope this is it for you. It seems like you have a good relationship with your doctor which I am glad for.

  4. are the days crawling? I hope not. Yours is the first blog I check when I log on.

    Testing early is always so tempting and frightening… I cave every time.

  5. wishing/praying/hoping for nothing but absolutely GREAT news!!!!

  6. wishing/praying/hoping for nothing but absolutely GREAT news!!!!

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