bleeding, part three?

So I’ve been on birth control pills for 2 weeks. I started spotting on Saturday, with more spotting on Sunday. Full flow yesterday and today. Today’s bleeding was accompanied by fantastic cramping and clotting. I wouldn’t classify the bleeding as heavy by any means…just…well…strange and gross.

I don’t know why I would be bleeding? It’s been 4 weeks since the very heavy bleed from the presumed ectopic/methotrexate episode. And 4 weeks before that was the very heavy (and clotty) bleed from the supposed miscarriage.

I called my clinic – they don’t seem concerned, so I’m trying to chalk it up to my poor tortured ovaries and uterus – who could expect them to know which way is up after all I’ve put them through?

Tomorrow is the “pre-Lupron” sonogram. If there is/are cyst(s), I think I wait. If no cysts, begin Lupron Thursday morning.

I’m making a big mistake here…I keep telling myself that it just has to work this time. Surely I’ve used up all my bad luck by now?

~ by Larisa on June 20, 2006.

5 Responses to “bleeding, part three?”

  1. Yes.
    Must work.
    I’m all behind that.

    Let’s DO this thing!

  2. Yea, you’ve actually gone overboard on the bad luck buffet. I would recommend cutting back. I seem to remember some women having bleeding on the pill prior to lupron. I would say if the doc is not worried, nor should you be.

    Good luck on tomorrow’s sonogram!

  3. I hope things look good at your cyst check and you can begin your IVF cycle. Don’t feel like you are doing something bad by thinking that this cycle has to work. As much as we all hate “Hope”, the fact is we need it to keep going and there is nothing wrong or naive about finding some and holding on to it. You hang in there.

  4. Oh Larissa, I too agree you’ve used up all your alloted bad luck – and some others’ besides.

    I’m glad you’re thinking this cycle will work. There’s no reason it shouldn’t!

    May only good things come from tomorrow’s appt.

  5. My friend who had a miscarriage just had an induced period. It was awful and was super heavy. I hope yours ends soon.

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