kitten karma

I run. I run with my dog, pictured here. She was a rescue animal, so we don’t know exactly old she is, but the vet estimated anywhere from 5-7 years old. We got her just over a year ago – I’d never owned a dog before her.

She is a sweetheart. She loves people. She gets along with my cats. She is full of energy – we have to run her everyday, or we wouldn’t get a moment of peace in our house.

Here’s where I begin to feel guilty. We run her at our neighborhood park – there are now leash laws in Hopeville – but we ignore them. Her instinct is to “hunt” – she runs along the tree line, circles us, disappears for a few minutes at a time, and always returns. Sometimes she finds a dead animal carcass to roll in, or a bunny to chase – she’s never caught a thing.

She really does need to run off the leash – I can’t explain how much she needs this.

But this morning, at the end of our run, she disappeared. For a long time. Like 20 minutes. I called and called and called her.

I finally spotted her running near the entrance to the park as she was making her way back towards me. There was something in her mouth. It was flopping.

I quickly figured out it was a kitten – probably feral, probably 5 weeks old or so. I yelled at her to drop it – and ran over to it. It was still alive. So I scooped it up, ran to the car, loaded up the dog, and drove to the vet clinic.

They weren’t optimistic. They are giving it oxygen and a steroid shot – apparently it is in shock from whatever trauma my dog inflicted on it.

Two hours later, it’s still alive – and they have some hope for it.

Please don’t let this kitten die. I will feel terrible – and I love animals. I also feel like it is some horrible sign about this new cycle. I can rationalize that it isn’t, but I really don’t want this kitten to die.

****Update: It died.****
****Update #2: New theory: I went back to the park with my dog, and she immediately went to the spot where she found the kitten. There was another dead one – and this is a spot right off the road that we run by every day. If those kittens were living there for more than one day, my dog would have found them much sooner. I think someone dumped them – probably yesterday – and they were without food or water in the Texas heat.****

~ by Larisa on June 22, 2006.

12 Responses to “kitten karma”

  1. Oh Mrs. Hope that is awful but it is not a symbol of your next cycle. I love animals too. I would be mortified if my dog did that, but he’s a dog, it was his instinct and it IS NOT a symbol of your next cycle.

  2. I let my dog run off the leash & she chases bunnies, too. You have a sporting dog that needs that exercise…so you are being a great doggie Mom. You have to totally separate this emotion from baby emotion.

  3. Mrs. Hope – I’m so sorry you had to deal with that – but don’t take it as a sign of anything. You didn’t do anything wrong and really, your dog didn’t either. Instincts are just that. Don’t let this impact your hope for the cycle.

  4. I’m sorry about the kitten – but really, really, really – don’t feel bad. Our dogs are dogs after all, that’s what they do. As much as I wish my dog was a 2 year old baby – he’s not. He’s a dog who acts like a 2 year old baby most of the time.

    It has *zero* to do with luck or anything relating to your cycle.

  5. Oh, poor kittens, left in the heat.

    Perhaps your dog was trying to save them? That puts a better spin on things, doesn’t it.

    Sad all the same.

  6. Poor kitties… might there be a dog park anywhere close?
    At any rate, your dog being on a leash would not have prevented jack-a$$es from dumping those kiitens.
    REMEMBER: Signs will drive you crazy, and they don’t mean a thing. All “signs” pointed to BFN nine months before Daisy arrived.

  7. If your dog intended on killing the kitten it would have been dead. My brother’s dog has killed two cats and countless muskrats and opposums. I witnessed one killing, and it happened quickly. The animal was much larger than a kitten.

    I think you’re right. The idiot who abandoned them in the Texas heat killed the kittens. Not your girl.

    And you’re also right that she does need to run off her leash. All the sites about German short-haired pointers indicate the same thing. They need really do need it.

    I’m so sorry it upset you. I hate when I’m confronted with what feels like a sign. It wasn’t. Don’t let it bring you down about your cycle.

  8. So sorry about the kitty but it does not represent what your cycle will be like. I know it’s hard but try to be positive.

  9. I am so sorry. That is just awful to go through. Don’t put anymore thought to it though. I think you are right. Someone was trying to get rid of the kittens. I think your dog was actually trying to save it. They know what to do when something is wrong. You are the mom and your dog wanted you to help.


  10. I think it is a sign but not in the way that you might think. Instincts are instincts. Your dog has them and his instincts are to hunt. You have them and your insticts are to be a GREAT mother. Hopefully soon.

  11. Mrs. Hope,

    This is not a sign of your next cycle. My brown dog has killed many animals and also brought a hurt bunny and snake to me.

    They are animals though no matter how domesticated they are. They have instincts. It is not your fault. It is the fault of the dill hole that left the kittens there in the first place.

    Your dog needs to run free and be a dog that is the BEST thing for her. Enjoy your time with her on your runs. You did the best you could do for the kitten and I’m sure it knows that.

    It’s got to be hard to separate the emotions but try your best.

  12. I’m sorry that you had this traumatic experience. I hope that your dog won’t do anything similar again.

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