sister, sister

My sister and I haven’t lived together since she was 6 and I was 15. I went away early to school, and I never really returned home. We had a different relationship than sisters who are close in age – I’m guessing our relationship was typical for the age difference. I babysat for her a lot – and I’m probably a pretty typical older sibling.

I would say she is the pretty typical youngest sibling – the “baby” of the family. She had four older people looking out for her, my parents were better off financially through most of her life, and she has a vastly different relationship with my mother. They actually *talk* – multiple times per week. My mother and I talk – about superficial stuff – maybe once per month.

Anyway, my sister is living with J and I this summer. She attends school at the giant university here, and during the school year she has always stayed in the dorms. This summer, she opted to stay with us until her apartment is available in mid-August.

It’s amazing to me how she is both dependent and independent. She keeps hours that are odd to me – staying awake until 3 AM and sleeping until 10 or 11AM. She buys much of her own food – I don’t think she likes what I cook – she hasn’t shown any interest (when she is here) in eating what I’ve made for dinner. At the same time – it’s almost like she needs help doing little stuff, too. I know some of it will come when she truly lives alone – like getting her cereal bowl into the dishwasher.

She wants to go to medical school. Specifically, she wants to become a psychiatrist. I’ve set her up with my ob/gyn friend (I know, not the right body parts – but that’s the dr friend I have) who has subsequently set her up with a job at her clinic. Hopefully she will be able to “shadow” my friend some over the next year or so.

She knows all about the IVF cycle – I’m not completely clear how much she really understands. She may come to one of the wand-monkey appointments – it would be interesting for her to see the doctor count and measure the follicles. And I’m sure he’d do a thorough job explaining for her benefit.

I like having her here (when she’s here).

For those keeping track, I’ve been on Lupron for a bit, stopped the birth control pills a few days ago. Baseling u/s tomorrow, stims should begin Saturday night.

~ by Larisa on June 29, 2006.

8 Responses to “sister, sister”

  1. Good luck with the u/s. Hoping you can start shootin’ up right on schedule!

  2. Ah, the joys of being a university student.

    Good luck with the baseline scan.

  3. Hope the u/s shows all is in order. And I hope your sister will prove to be someone you can rely on for support during the IVF cycle if need be. I know she may be younger, but that she should be able to do.

    I’m crossing everything that this is it for you.

  4. much luck and love to my dear friend…

    I’m very excited for this cycle.

  5. I hope the baseline scan goes well. Wishing you the best for this cycle…

  6. I hope the baseline goes well. I am also starting stims for IVF #2 on Saturday, so I will check back on your progress. Good luck!!!

  7. What an exciting and scary time! I’ll keep you in my heart and thoughts.

    My mom went to my appts. with me last summer. It was enormously interesting for her to see the follicles and progress. We are close anyway, but having her with me for part of my IF treatment made us closer. I hope it does the same for you and your sister.

    Good luck.

  8. I am glad that you are enjoying your sister’s visit.

    I hope your appt. went well and that you started stimming right on schedule. I started on Friday, so we are cycling at the same time. Keep us posted of your progress.

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