shame on me…

I let this stuff get the best of me yesterday. I whined about 10 embryos before I knew anything about them. My excuse – my experience with my prior cycle that yielded the same number of embryos that mostly stank.

This time is looking a little different. I just called and got the information about those little dividing cells, and here it is…

5 5-celled Grade 1 (the best – we didn’t have ANY of these last time)
2 5-celled Grade 2
2 5-celled Grade 3

The embryologists said the embryos looked great and to plan on a 5 day transfer. I asked the nurse if that ever changes when they look at them tomorrow – she said it had happened once that she can remember.

Keep growing, babies. Keep growing. I’m waiting.

~ by Larisa on July 15, 2006.

13 Responses to “shame on me…”

  1. Awesome news! I hope they keep going strong.

  2. Fabulous!

    Don’t feel bad for worrying. That’s just how it is.

  3. Thats odd that she said once… since that must be me she’s talking about. 😉 Both times they told me that it was definitely going to be a day 5 and then changed it on day 3. *sigh*

    But 5 of grade 1 is AWESOME!!!

    Grow, embryos, grow!

    And definitely don’t feel bad about worrying, I am a mess when they are in the lab.

  4. wonderful! sending you lots and lots of {grow-babies-grow} vibes your way!

  5. That is wonderful wonderful optimistic news! I will keep you both continued in my prayers!!

  6. Wow, 5 Grade 1s – that’s terrific! I’m glad things are looking so good. I hope you’ll continue to get great news during the next few days as they keep growing.

  7. Great news! I hope they keep growing well and that you have some great options at day 5.

  8. See? I told you; they sound gorgeous!

    5 day transfer- hooray! I feel all bubbly and excited. I think it’s a sign.

  9. Five grade 1 overachievers!!!! That is AMAZING.

    Grow embies… GROOOOOOW.

  10. I think this means that today (Monday) is your transfer. Wishing you lots of perfect blasts and a smooth transfer!

  11. Nice numbers, Mrs. Hope! Looks good!

  12. Great!

  13. That’s a great report card! And a 5 day transfer is a good sign. Still so hopeful for you, girl.

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