what's the plan?

There’s not a lot to say. Cramping and bleeding began yesterday; drinking followed.

We have an appointment with our doctor late Monday. I’m not sure what to expect – I know what I need to be able to proceed. Let’s hope he delivers. If he doesn’t, we then have to make the agonizing decision about changing clinics.

For the first time in this journey, I am honestly beginning to believe that we may not have children. Ever. I asked J yesterday if he thought we would. His response – he is usually the perpetually optimistic one – “it doesn’t look so good, does it?”

The logical, problem-solving part of me has begun analyzing what went wrong. For me, it basically comes down to two questions:

1) Are the embryos doomed from the beginning? -OR- 2) Does the act of transferring the embryos to me doom them?

The truth is that there isn’t a good way to know the answer yet. So my idea? Control for what we can during the frozen cycle, run some additional tests concurrently with the cycle.

For the frozen cycle, the first thing I want controlled is transfer. We already do full-bladder drugged with valium u/s guided transfers – this last transfer was still “traumatic”. We have to figure out a different option for getting my cervix to comply – the options I’ve found: 1) dilation with a laminaria tent (a seaweed “stick” that is inserted in the cervix and gradually absorbs water, widening in the cervix) for 24 hours 2-4 weeks prior to transfer, 2) dilation with hygroscopic rod (similar in action to the laminaria) for 4-6 hours 2-4 weeks prior to transfer, or 3) hysteroscopy followed by placement of a balloon in the uterus with a catheter in the cervix that holds it “open”. The catheter remains in place for 7-10 days.

The second thing I want controlled is the possibility that the endometriosis interferes with implantation. The solution for this is 2-3 months of Lupron Depot. I may be willing to give on this issue for the FET, but I will not embark on a fresh cycle without pretreatment using the Lupron Depot.

~ by Larisa on July 30, 2006.

5 Responses to “what's the plan?”

  1. The only other thing I could think of is PGD (though I can’t remember if you’ve done that or not). I don’t know about the other dilation things, but I had that balloon in my uterus for a week after my septum surgery, and it was not pleasent. Also, it hurt like hell coming out, though I’m the only person I’ve EVER heard of that had a problem with it being removed. They had trouble getting it to deflate properly which is what caused the pain.

    Whatever you choose, good luck to you.

  2. Those are a lot of plans! I hope you get some answers.

    The rotten thing is that it’s also a numbers game. Beyond control. I find that the hardest part.

  3. I’m glad you want the recurrent miscarriage panel done. It just helps to know, one way or the other, if the body is being treasonous to the pregnancies.

    It’s great that you are informed enough to know what you want. I feel like I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants through most of my treatment. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your doctor acts on your needs instead of playing like he knows what is best for you. Changing clinics can be so arduous, and you seem happy with your doctor despite the trials.

    (Your husband — he’s a champion. You made me want to hug him on your behalf. Can I borrow him to give mine some lessons?)

  4. Mrs. Hope, First I’m sorry that I completely blanked on your cycle. I’m so sorry. Second, I’m so sorry about the result, it’s so incredibly disappointing to have had all those eggs, such great quality early embryos, and then not to be pregnant.

    Third, you are spot on on the testing. I strongly recommend the long lupron treatment (in the UK we use zoladex but it’s either the same drug or at least the same idea). But you may need/want another lap first. I agree with the karyotyping and miscarriage panel, too.

    Finally, talk to amanda about cervixes, she had a really tough time. I can’t remember what the answer was.
    Sorry again.

  5. I think I would consider also having more embies transfered back in. I believe you had 2 this cycle? My RE always did 3 due to recurrent miscarriages, the idea being that if more than one took, I had a better chance.

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