the plan for now

Our appointment was ok. Our doctor spent a long time with us – there was much going ’round in circles about certain issues.

His biggest concern at the moment is my cervix and transfer (it was mine as well). We basically covered all the options out there – he doesn’t like any of them (and neither do I), but we have to choose one. It seems that having a persistently difficult cervix is not a common thing – and because it’s not a common thing, the only information that exists is in the form of case studies. If you read the studies where they actually have decent sample sizes – you quickly figure out that basically, once most women have had their cervixes dilated once, transfers even two to three months later are easier. Not for me.

I’ve been very frustrated by this – and I’ve posted on some boards where doctors answer the questions – and they almost always say – “oh, if you let me do a trial transfer – I’m sure I could get through – no problem.” I call BS. I am not going to say there is not a doctor out there that might be better than mine at navigating funky cervixes, but he has been doing this for 17 years. His partner, who had a worse time, has been doing it even longer. I asked my dr how many cervixes he’d had this much trouble with in the past 17 years – his answer: 3, including mine. I believe him.

So the answer for now – laminaria placement the day before the frozen transfer. Not earlier than that because my cervix just shuts back down. A laminaria because it’s less invasive and hopefully less traumatic than the metal rods. And then – we’ll have anethesiology on stand-by during my transfer – if he can’t immediately get the Wallace catheter in, they’ll promptly knock me out – dilate me slightly with the rods, and get the Wallace catheter in. Oh, and I can have as many valium as I want…I’ll probably settle for 2.

I’m disappointed that there isn’t a better option, but I’m glad we are doing something different.

We will thaw all three blasts; if all three survive, we transfer all three.

His feeling about the karyotyping/recurrent miscarriage panel is that it’s looking for a “zebra”. He’ll do it if I want it done; his feeling is that it would be a waste of our money. He firmly feels that we know what the problems are. I haven’t decided yet.

He also talked about doing another hysteroscopy around the time of the lupron start where he’d take another “big” crack at my cervix and make sure there’s nothing else to fix.

I’m actually going for a baseline for the FET in the morning. I’m not holding my breath about no cysts, but we’ll see.

It’s hard to put a finger on how I feel right now. Better than I did before the appointment, but not great. I wish this could be easier (don’t we all?).


~ by Larisa on August 1, 2006.

6 Responses to “the plan for now”

  1. Mrs. Hope, glad you have a plan. Hope the laminaria makes the transfer easier. I have had the metal rods (but not a success story) but never heard of the laminaria. Hope having a plan continues to make you feel a little better each day.

  2. I hope it all works for you, I too would try anything if it was going to help. Good luck.

  3. WOW! (deer in headlights) How do you stay so positive! I admire your persistence, holey kamoley… I need to visit you more often sweetie !!

    Thinking of you with hope for good news šŸ˜‰

  4. I wish it could be easier for you, too. I’m glad you have a plan in place now. Best of luck with the FET.

  5. Just wanted to wish you lots of luck. I was glad to read your blog.
    More about me:
    39, ttc for just over 1 year.
    two failed IUIs using Clomid
    in the middle of our first IVF cycle.
    Husband some sperm issues. I have high FSH
    Had only 5 follices develop on high dose of meds.
    Only 2 eggs from retrieval: 1 was an A+, the other looked good till day 3 and then looked mutant. Tranfered the one good one. HOPING IT IS IMPLANTING!
    Trying to stay positive.
    Have had some brown – yucky discharge/spotting last two days. Freaking out but trying to stay positive.

  6. The funky cervix is a difficult issue, as you say, since every situation is different.

    I hope the laminaria does the job for your FET.

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