practice makes perfect

So I had a “great idea” per my doctor. Why not do a trial run of the laminaria placement? I can’t cycle right now anyway, we don’t know if he can even get the darn thing in the right spot, and we don’t know if it will dilate my cervix enough.

So I started a pack of pills yesterday so I won’t ovulate and my cervix will be nice and *not* open as it might be around ovulation. Next Wednesday I’m going in and he will try to place the laminaria. If he can, then I’ll go back for a trial transfer the following day to see if it’s dilated enough. If it is, my next suggestion would be that I come back a week later for another trial transfer – to see if it stays open and if so, for about how long.

If he absolutely can’t get it in, or it doesn’t work – at least that question is answered, and we will have to try something else. I’m guessing it would be the hysteroscopy at this point. Just another bridge to cross if we come to it.

It should make for an interesting appointment. Apparently all the nurses were talking about it yesterday – it sounds like something they don’t do often, and that they’ve never done a “practice run”.

Do you realize I’m happily volunteering to have a piece of dried seaweed jammed into my cervix and then my vagina “packed with gauze”?

~ by Larisa on August 3, 2006.

4 Responses to “practice makes perfect”

  1. hmmm… the things we won’t do. But I agree with your logic. You want to know this now and be able to problem solve rather than when we have fresh embryo’s that need to be transferred and we are in crisis mode.

    And hey, since you are not worried about the p thing for a mock, you can take the good drugs.

  2. Sounds like you’ve got a good plan. Occasionally I think about all of the strange things I’ve done in the name of IF and I shudder.


  3. Excellent. I wish I had your foresight. It’s very sage of you to come up with the mock — you’ll avoid undue stress for the real thing. I hope it’s not as bad as it sound.

  4. Oh, my, the things we have to do sometimes! It sounds like an unusual procedure, but it also sounds like a good way to get more information about your cervix. I hope it dilates enough.

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