Did you know that dilation is when your cervix dilates on it’s own, and dilatation is the act of physically dilating someone’s cervix?

The laminaria experiment is underway.

The appointment didn’t start out well – my doctor was having difficulty and talking about just doing the hysteroscopy.

Then he decided to go ahead and dilate my cervix with the metal rods – it was slightly uncomfortable – crampy – but not unbearable by any means. It dilated to 3mm right away – which shocked my dr. I wish I had a recording of the conversation he half had with me, half with himself about my cervix.

So then he was able to get the laminaria in pretty easily. I’m trying not to be a wuss – but it is pretty uncomfortable. It’s like the worst cramps of my period or after the methotrexate ordeal – but not abating a bit. I asked about pain relief – he wants me to try to just take tylenol because that’s all he would allow if this was the real thing.

The biggest problem right now is my bladder. I’m having a terrible time peeing – and I know I haven’t been able to completely empty it. On the advice of a dear ob/gyn friend, if that continues in the morning, I’ll call the clinic to see if they are concerned at all. I could call now, but I’m going to try to sleep and make it until morning.

Despite the discomfort – I’m glad we are doing this. I’m glad we may have another option, and I’m glad that my doctor listens to my ideas.

~ by Larisa on August 10, 2006.

4 Responses to “dilatation”

  1. Oh sweetie, your description about everything — the metal rods, the pain, and the image you’d already left in my mind of the seaweed in the cervix caused my toe knuckles to spasm reading this post. I hope the pain abates, or at least dulls down to just an ache.

  2. URGGG… I have had the metal rod inserted when we were having trouble with a transfer but it caused such spasms/contractions…. I hope the pain abated on it’s own and I hope you were able to empty your bladder too, you don’t want to end up with a UTI.

    I really hope this works for you Larissa.

  3. Ugh – I hope the pain went away and you were able to sleep. Keep us posted!

  4. oh mrs. hope it sounds incredibly painful. I hope that the pain lets up somewhat.

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