the books

A book that changed your life…
A difficult question. Haven’t they all, in some way, altered something about my life? How about the first psychology textbook I read – I changed my major to psychology, which eventually put me on the path to my current career. More recently, Alice Domar’s Conquering Infertility has truly changed the way I deal with some of this infertility stuff.

A book you’ve read more than once…
There are so many. As a little girl, I read Little Women countless times. In high school I read Pride and Prejudice and A Tale of Two Cities over and over. As an adult, I really haven’t read the same book twice very often. Blindness comes to mind; I didn’t read the entire thing twice, though.

A book that made you laugh…
Me Talk Pretty One Day by Dave Sedaris. I’m a speech therapist – the first chapter had me laughing outloud on an airplane. That was the first (and most laugh-out-loud for me) Sedaris book I read.

A book that made you cry…
Name All The Animals. It’s a memoir about a girl whose older brother dies in a car accident. Again, began the book on an airplane – not fully realizing what the book was about. I gasped aloud, handed the book to J and told him not to give it back to me on the airplane.

A book you wish had been written…
This is difficult – I’m sure there are books written about anything I would suggest here.

A book you wish had never been written…
The DaVinci Code. Not because I have some religious exception to it – but because everyone thought it was so good – and I thought it was absolutely lousy. Come on – an albino monk, a chase across Europe?? Really?? Add that to what I perceived to be poor writing – and I really don’t understand what all the uproar was about.

Books you are currently reading…
Gilead. Thus far, it’s a dead minister father recounting life experiences for his son. It’s sweet so far, but I’m not that far into it.

A book you’ve been meaning to read…
Oh, goodness. I should read a couple of the books I skipped in high school. Spanglish’s life-changer, The Grapes of Wrath would probably be a good starting point.

I’d love to see Dramalish and OvaGirl do this…

~ by Larisa on August 22, 2006.

3 Responses to “the books”

  1. Glad I wasn’t the only person on the planet that thought DaVinci was crap writing.

  2. I enjoyed Da Vinci as light reading, but agree it was poor writing and many elements of the story didn’t hang together.

    Hmm, you’ve got me thinking about my answers now.

  3. Thanks for playing! I can’t believe I forgot David Sedaris… he always makes me laugh.

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