for your reading pleasure

An amusing story…

I was up early this morning to take my car in to have a funny noise checked out.

I was sitting at a light – it’s a light right before an on-ramp to the highway – so everyone was sitting in the left lane. The other two lanes were empty, save the absolute moron.

At first, I was watching the moron. He must have been moving – his truck was loaded with furniture, but also lumber. His tailgate was down, and he was out of the truck, seemingly securing the piles of stuff in his truck. He was in the far right lane, but back a bit from the light. He got back in his truck.

The light turned green. The moron FLOORS it and tries to cut off everyone in the left lane. However, he also lost the ENTIRE contents of the bed of his truck. Dresser, desk, chair, lumber, and other stuff I couldn’t identify – completely strewn across all three lanes of traffic.

He jumped out of his truck and cleared the left lane pretty quickly. A few cars were able to get by. I was “next” in line, when I noticed the truck was in reverse. I thought maybe someone else was in the truck. But then the truck started hitting all of the moron’s crap. And it was gaining speed.

That’s when the moron looked up – and the sheer panic on his face told me that there was NO ONE else in that truck. Fortunately for me, the steering wheel must have been turned, because the truck backed up onto the curb and into a sign – doing a nice bit of damage to the rear of the truck.

So the moron had a shitty start to his day. I got a good giggle out of it.

~ by Larisa on September 1, 2006.

4 Responses to “for your reading pleasure”

  1. Serves him right. I hate it when people try to cut in line. GRRRR!!!! That is a great story and made me giggle out loud.

  2. That is such a moment of karmic justice. I love it!

  3. Freakin hilarious. I love it when stupid people get what they deserve. Hope that started a smiley day.

  4. Nothing better than a moron to give you a giggle and bring a smile to your face!

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