eenie, meenie…

Protocol A
8/31/06 – Last birth control pill
9/1/06 – Continue bleeding from previous 3 weeks. U/S all clear.
9/4/06 – Call clinic to tell them there’s a change in plans
9/6/06 – Yes, that’s right. We’d like to leave the blasts frozen forever.
9/11/06 – Counseling appt to confirm that I’ve lost my mind.
9/13/06 – Make arrangements to visit blasts.
9/20/06 – Have photos taken of the “happy family”.
9/22/06 – Begin work on “snowflake” Christmas cards. Hey, maybe perpetually potential babies are better than never any babies, after all. No HPTs or bloodtests here, folks!

Protocol B
8/31/06 – Last birth control pill.
9/1/06 – Baseline ultrasound. All clear.
9/3/06 – Begin estradiol (orally!) 2x per day.
9/11/06 – Counseling appt for same reason as above.
9/12/06 – Increase estradiol to 3x per day.
9/15/06 – Lining check.
9/17/06 – Progesterone lab. Begin 1 cc PIO.
9/20/06 – Begin Z-pack. And fantastic abdominal cramping and discomfort.
9/21/06 – Dilatation & laminaria placement. Plan on no urinating or sleeping for the next 24 hours. Beg for some kind of pain killer or sleeping aid.
9/22/06 – Transfer. I did squeeze 2 Valium out of the deal.
10/1/06 – Beta. Ending in utter happiness or complete devastation. And it’s a flippin’ Sunday.

Which would you choose?

~ by Larisa on September 2, 2006.

8 Responses to “eenie, meenie…”

  1. hmmm… tough call. And you think I am joking but really I am only half joking. I have two frosties left and I think I am leaving them there forever. I am currently doing a new round of IVF rather than a FET. I need those potential lives to be there.

  2. HMMM I’ve gotta go “protocol B for $1000, Alex”

    for me, this falls into the “i’d always wonder” category. But as always, the decision you make will be the right one for you. Besides, what good are totcicles, anyway? They can only potentially hate you when they’re teenagers.

  3. I would go with a new round…but I think you will have to make that call yourself…

  4. I’m indefinitely in protocol A… but maybe you’re braver than I. I’m skipping the Christmas card bit, though. I haven’t even sent any cards for… oh… since IF treatment started.

  5. of course I would keep going. However, this is your journey. You have to do what’s best for you and your husband. Hugs honey. I am thinking about you! XOXO

  6. BTW today is 09/05, which way did you choose?

  7. What did you choose?

    Speaking of holiday cards, my husband and I thought of sending out a completely honest Christmas card this year. E.g., “We had 3 failed IVFs and spent most of the year in alternating or overlapping states of despair, bitterness, and rage. Hope things are great on your end. Happy holidays!”

  8. I have read the term ‘snowflake babies’ a few times now on different bogs. I am coimpletely ignorant but what is it?

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