not so fast

So I *had* chosen B.

And then I called to make the laminaria appointment. Despite the fact that I asked 2 different nurses 3 different times if my dr was going to be in town on 9/21, and was told that he would be, he isn’t. He didn’t notice the problem on Friday during my appointment, either.

Of course, the nurse didn’t call me back yesterday until it was too late to find out from him what he would want to do about my plan. And it’s an off-site morning for him on Wednesday. So I’m left hanging – with my entire plan up in the air – for more than 24 hours.

So I can’t sleep.

I’m hoping I only get pushed 1-3 days. If I get pushed a week, I will more than likely cancel the cycle. Getting pushed a week puts the pregnancy test too too close to the anniversary of my brother’s death. While I know I can handle the anniversary, I don’t know that I can handle a negative test result on top of it. Plus my parents will probably be here.

So back to hoping that it’s just a day or two.


~ by Larisa on September 6, 2006.

4 Responses to “not so fast”

  1. I really hope they only push it a couple of days, and I’m so sorry that the anniversary of your brother’s death is approaching.

    Your clinic seems to have some serious logistical problems. Maybe an Outlook Exchange server is in order? I guess that would still require the commitment to keeping your schedule updated for the benefit of others.

    I hope they bend over backwards to make this work for you. They seem to have a lot of other good stuff going for them!

  2. Oh Larissa, I hope this only causes a minimal delay. I’m sorry that the anniversary of your brother’s death is approaching, that must be an extremely difficult time for you. I am hoping you have only good news to deal with at that time.

  3. Do tell them that you’re not amused. How awfully frustrating.

  4. That is just stupid…I can’t believe they did that! Hopefully it’s just a couple of days and you can continue it this cycle. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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