seaweed sucks

I’ve had loads of laminaria fun over the past few days. Thursday evening was sheer torture. I’ve given up trying to be stoic about this. It hurts. The lap, the retrievals – none compare. I didn’t even let J come to the appointment for the placement – he said it probably was a good thing, as he didn’t think he would have been able to allow the doctor to do the placement.

The placement is excruciating. He had to dilate my cervix to get the laminaria in – and it still wasn’t easy. Then the 6-8 hours while the seaweed absorbs moisture is torture.

My doctor clearly felt badly about the whole thing, and there was briefly talk of never doing this again. But then we did the trial transfer, and though it went well, he still said that the catheter was a “snug” fit, and that he would feel far more comfortable sticking with our laminaria-at-retrieval plan. The good news is that I’ll be out for the placement.

We also discussed other, more aggressive options, such as surgically modifying my cervix. He has great trepidation about this approach – he is concerned that we could do more damage than good by either causing scar tissue to build up, or later causing incompetent cervix.

I decided it’s not fair to expect me to like any of my choices in this matter.

Other developments…I will be doing 3 months of the Lupron Depot injections. The first one should be Thursday or Friday of this week.

Now I just wait.

~ by Larisa on November 13, 2006.

4 Responses to “seaweed sucks”

  1. Oh Mrs. Hope, I’m so sorry this is all so painful. Wishing that this works for you…

  2. That your transfers are so difficult is so unfair. I have a wonky cervix and have experienced some pain, but nothing, NOTHING like you have described.

    I think it is a good idea to be knocked out for the placement and to accept the stronger pain meds. Why suffer unnecessarily.

  3. Yeah, it isn’t fair. None of those choices sound like fun. Sucks.

    I hope it works this time so you don’t have to choose any of those sucky options.

    If you have to, totally go with the drugs.

  4. Three months of Lupron — I’m queasy just thinking about it.

    I’m glad you won’t have to be awake for the placement this time around.

    Good luck

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