Good riddance, 2006. You sucked.

I was sure that I would be pregnant in 2006. I was, for about 5 minutes. I was sure that we were making the decisions that would get us to our goal.

I thought that IVF/ICSI #1 would work for us. I thought IVF/ICSI #2 would work for us. I thought the frozen cycle would work for us.

I thought one of the 7 embryos we transferred would be a baby.

I thought we’d found the solution to my cervix.

I thought that if my doctor couldn’t think of a better solution for my cervix, that a different doctor might.

None of those thoughts were true.

I don’t know what 2007 has in store. I do know that there are changes coming. I know that we will do this IVF cycle. I know if it fails, we will do at least one more after that. I know I will turn 30. I know several pregnancy announcements will come my way.

I know what I want 2007 to bring. I know I want it to be a better year than 2006.

I’ll beg, I’ll plead, I’ll pray, I’ll wish, I’ll hope, I’ll dream.

But I haven’t figured out how to make it happen.

~ by Larisa on January 1, 2007.

6 Responses to “2007”

  1. I really, really hope that 2007 brings good things your way. Happy new year!

  2. Your prognosis for 2007 sounds much like mine, though not exactly.

    I’m hoping it has some nice surprises in store for both of us.

  3. GOOD RIDDANCE INDEED. 2006 sucked dirty, ugly ass.

    My resolution for 2007 is to be more like my dog. She lives in the moment. I don’t want to wonder about the future, and I don’t want to think about the past.

    (HA HA HA — this will prove even more difficult than losing PCOS weight, I’m sure).

  4. Oh 2007 just has to be a better year. I kicked 2006 to the curb last night! It truly SUCKED!!!

  5. You’re only 29? At least you have a number of years left to try unlike some of us. Good luck in 2007.

  6. To anonymous – while I completely appreciate that I am young – I do not have unlimited funds or insurance coverage. I am thankful I was able to begin this at a young age – otherwise I strongly suspect this would never happen. As it stands, we are still at “if”, not “when” – no matter how long we are able to try.

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