hodge-podge miscellany

Our girl gave us quite a scare Tuesday night.

We’ve had to start crating her when we aren’t in the house because the clever girl figured out how to open the dishwasher. No, she hasn’t broken any dishes. But we aren’t fans of plates and silverware strewn throughout the house.

Anyway, J came home to her Tuesday evening yelping in pain. He ended up taking her to an 24 hour emergency clinic. I met him there – she had been given pain meds at that point – and she was just miserably in pain – whining and crying.

They kept her overnight – not sure if it was a back problem or a gut problem. In the end, after many x-rays and additional appointments, we think it’s a bulging disk. She is on pain meds, a muscle relaxant, and an anti-inflammatory. She is doing much better now – thank goodness.

A review of our holiday…

First, we went to Houston for Christmas weekend to visit my parents and sister. My maternal grandfather was in town. It was fine – what I’ve grown up expecting Christmas to be.

We then returned home and spent money. It’s unreal – we haven’t done much shopping for ourselves or for the house because of all the money we’ve spent on IVF. The new job has given us a little wiggle room because of the promise of coverage. We bought a new digital camera (ours tanked about 2 days before Christmas), a fancy TV, and then ordered a new sofa.

The TV is really for J. He has wanted one for a long time – and though I was concerned about the cost – it’s been worth it to see how excited he’s been about it. Sometimes I forget how much he has sacrificed along with me. Not that a TV makes up for it – but it somehow in some silly way helps us feel “normal”.

Then we went to the Dallas area to visit J’s family. This was the visit I was dreading. We did take pre-emptive steps against the inevitable stupid questions from SIL. We called and spilled the beans about our treatment about two weeks prior. His parents have known for some time now, but we’d kept it from everyone else. We also gave them permission to tell the extended family.

Our strategy worked for me – not one question from anyone about why we don’t have children. Or the really grating, “Don’t you want them?”

Next week is my 3rd and final Lupron Depot injection. Overall, I think I’ve done well on them. The headaches were worse after the second shot – and I expect they’ll worsen again after the third. We are hoping that stims for IVF/ICSI #3 will begin sometime in mid to late February. Of course, I’m hoping for earlier rather than later.

~ by Larisa on January 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “hodge-podge miscellany”

  1. Bad doggie! Now if she could only figure out how to load the dishwasher and turn it on. 🙂

    I’m glad the in-law strategy worked for you. I know how much tension that can cause.

  2. Congratulations for coming out of the closet with the extended family.

    Any silly little thing to feel like life is coming back to normal is SO appreciated during IF hell.

    Your poor girl… I have so much respect for vets. They have to do a ton of guess work because their patients can’t tell them what’s wrong — every case must be like solving a mystery. Will the bulging disk be a chronic problem?

  3. Poor thing and I’m with Lut start teaching it how to load it lol.

  4. I’ve found the headaches are better if I drink enough water and don’t get too tired. How does that work for you?

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