So, I’ve mentioned that our girl has figured out how to open the dishwasher. Dirty dishes, clean dishes, while the dishwasher is running – it doesn’t matter.

J really hates crating her. I’ve now figured out that if we ever do have children, he will be a complete push-over. Our child will have to simply look up at him, begin to frown, and his heart will melt.

We came up with a possible solution, but it would require entering the danger zone: the baby department of our local big-box retail establishment.

I think it’s probably been a year since I’ve acknowledged that there even is a baby department. I park on the opposite side of the store. The path I walk through the store completely circumvents the black hole that is the baby department.

But this mission required us to enter. It took two passes through the diapers, bibs, bottles, and blankies before we spotted our prize. I quickly grabbed the item of our desire – latching straps that adhere to the front of the dishwasher and the top of the counter.

We only saw 2 pregnant women. I’d say it was a pretty successful trip.

And the dog hasn’t opened the dishwasher since.


~ by Larisa on January 29, 2007.

6 Responses to “dog-proofing”

  1. Very creative solution, I’m impressed.

  2. You’re so brave! I still wince when I have to walk through the baby food and diaper isle in the supermarket.

  3. Hang in there! For help staying positive on your TTC journey, check out

  4. You are a brave soul. I have tunnel vision down to an art at Target.

  5. I just got a chance to read the news article. I am so proud to know you! That turned out great.

    You know by this point that you’re probably far from the only one to avoid the baby section for good reason, so I bet if someone wrote about maybe moving the childproofing AND petproofing products to a neutral location, it wouldn’t be too hard for a store to do.

  6. Almost everything I want from Tarjay is somehow close to the baby area. The Baby area is in the middle of the store, so it’s as if all my areas of interest orbit that baby black hole. We had to buy gates when our girl was sick last summer. It was such a difficult task to actually enter that zone.

    Hopefully you’ll be making a bee-line to that black hole in the near future. Hopefully all of us will in some future.

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