I was tagged a little while ago by both Jodi and Sandra to do the weird things meme. I’m not sure that there’s anything weird that I haven’t posted about before…but I’ll give it a whirl.

1) My knees can’t touch when I sleep. I nearly always have to have something between them, even if it’s just a slip of sheet during the summer. It’s some weird sensory thing – makes me feel like my knee bones are grinding together or something.

2) I have freckles all over – but the weird part is that they are more dense on my knees and elbows. In fact, my knees and elbows stay white as a ghost while the freckles just darken and multiply.

3) There are two foods I hate. Bananas and blue cheese. And no, I won’t even eat bananas in a smoothie. And YES, I can tell when someone tries to trick me – they have a very distinct texture in addition to their disgusting taste. Blue cheese – I don’t understand the appeal at all. It really just tastes exactly like the rot it smells like. Other than that, not a picky eater at all.

4) I’m not really running right now. That’s weird for me. But there’s this journal article out, and though I have some issues with it, the fact that it exists is enough for me to stop running. There are always more miles to run, but not always more IVF cycles to do.

5) I love the smell of weather. I don’t know if that makes sense – but the way the air smells when it’s really cold is so different from how it smells when it’s hot and rainy. And I appreciate both smells equally.

6) I like the way soft rubbery stuff feels. Sometimes buttons on calculators are made out of this stuff – and I just like the way it feels.

So that’s that. If you want to do this as a diversion, feel free. Maybe the two new bloggers at This Side of Pregnant or Infertility Loss…and Life would be interested?

~ by Larisa on February 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “tagged”

  1. That article really scares me. So you have to be fat and out of shape to get pregnant? (That’s what I’d be if I didn’t excercise).

  2. I’m sorry you feel you had to give up running, I know how important it’s been to you. I assume a bit of vigorous walking isn’t out of the question?

    I’m with you on the knees thing. I wear pyjamas in bed even in really hot weather as I hate the feel of them touching.

  3. The knees thing… me too.

    That article is pretty depressing. I couldn’t finish it.

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