almost there

Trigger will be tomorrow, with retrieval and laminaria placement Friday morning. We’re expecting in the neighborhood of 14-16 eggs. What we can’t know is how many will be mature, how many will fertilize, and how many will create viable embryos.

Tonight will be my last dose of Gonal-f. I go tomorrow for my final scan and bloodwork.

Have I mentioned that I’m ready for this to work?


~ by Larisa on February 27, 2007.

13 Responses to “almost there”

  1. I’m wishing your body cooperates, your mind relaxes and is at ease, and that this is the last time you have to go through this. I am SOOOO hoping this happens for you this time! I’ll be thinking of you. Please keep us updated!

  2. Good luck Mrs. Hope. I so hope this works for you this time too! I hope the laminaria placement goes much smoother than last time.

  3. Good luck Mrs. Hope!

    I hope everything goes well with the trigger and the retrieval/placement.

    Sending you good thoughts…

  4. ok, I am clueless, what’s a laminaria placement?

    Good luck to you!

  5. I’m so hoping this one is THE one. If positive thoughts and well wishes are any measure for how well a cycle works, then I’m thinking this is your best one. Sending lots and lots of prayers from here on out.

  6. I’m wishing you all the best this cycle. You deserve it so much! Good luck girl!

  7. Hang in there girl! I will be thinking about you.

  8. the worst part about this stupid blogspot is that if you type a comment and put the wrong password in, you lose everything you typed…argh!

    i will be thinking about you, and of course checking back compulsively….

    *putting on clipboard*

  9. I just found your blog by googling The Waiting Womb, which is a self-published book I just received from a friend. I wasn’t expecting to find your blog.

    I don’t know your whole story, just read through a couple of the recent entries, but I am hoping good things for you and your husband. I am sure you hear many success stories. I’m sure you hear ‘Oh, you’ve got plenty of time, you’re so young!’ I’m sure you’ve had your share of idiots who say the absolute dumbest, thoughtless things as you deal with this.

    I am just a stranger wishing you well, and praying you will be blessed as a mother someday.

  10. Mrs. Hope: How exciting…you are so close! I will be checking back in to see how things are going. Sending warm wishes.

  11. Hopes and prayers…

    …for lots of juicy, fat, ripe eggs…
    …a smooth placement…
    …developed, healthy strong embryos…
    …a sticky ute that will nurture your baby…

    I’m ready too.

  12. You’ll be in my thoughts, Mrs. Hope.

  13. OH I so love your letter. I would totally excuse you. 🙂


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