Retrieval is done

Mr. Hope here subbing for Mrs. Hope. Retrieval went well. We got 17 eggs that will be ICSI’ed later today. Dr. Scrubs said the laminaria placement was “extraordinarilly easy.” Mrs. Hope had some fairly intense pain from the laminaria afterward, so she’s still loopy from the extra pain killers (that’s why I’m writing for her). The countdown is on until it comes out.


~ by Larisa on March 2, 2007.

15 Responses to “Retrieval is done”

  1. way to go mrs. hope (and thanks to mr. hope for updating, I was waiting w baited breath!). 17 sounds marvellous. I hope the pain calms down, it sounds awful.

  2. Praying for you. I hope the biggest hope.

  3. Fantastic news. Good luck with the fert report!!! I hope the painkillers do their thing.

  4. Grow, babies, grow! What an exciting day (for the rest of us who aren’t on painkillers and enduring what you’re going through). Praying for you and your children; may God let you keep one or two this time around.

  5. Thanks to the gem of a husband for reporting. 17 is a good number. 2007 is a good number. I’m all about 7’s.
    I wish I could hold some of your pain along with your hope. I’m sorry you have to have such an uncomfortable aftermath.
    Still sending you good thoughts from across the veloway. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the update, and GOOD LUCK to both of you!


  7. 17 is great! Please pass on our best wishes to Mrs. Hope in her loopy state!

  8. Mrs. Hope-hoping the pain subsides, the eggs grow wonderfully, and you get everything you dream of!

  9. 17! That’s great news. You’ve broken the 10 jinx. Best wishes for a fantastic fertilization report!

  10. Wow 17, I’m impressed. Can’t wait to get a fert report! Thinkin it would be neat if you posted while loopy!

  11. Wow 17, I’m impressed. Can’t wait to get a fert report! Thinkin it would be neat if you posted while loopy!

  12. i hope the pain stops soon and the pain killers are doing more than their job. (((HUGS))) amiga, you’re in my thoughts and prayers…

  13. 17!!!! That’s fantastic!
    I’m glad the placement went well… I’ll be hoping and praying for you guys through transfer, beta, and beyond…

  14. Awesome news Mr. Hope and Mrs. Hope. I hope that the painkillers do their job and it’s a short ride to ET.

  15. I hope all is going well. This is always such an intense time in the cycle.

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