fert report

Well, the laminaria is out, which is a tremendous relief. It really was awful yesterday – I woke up from the anesthesia in tears. They gave me 3 doses of morphine and 2 percocet before the pain was under control.

The fertilization report – I’m trying to be ok with it – but of 17 eggs, we have 6 that fertilized. I know nothing about quality – it’s just hard not to wonder about the 11 that didn’t? All that work, and my doctor was thrilled with 17 – down to 6?

I know it doesn’t matter if one of the six is our baby. It’s still hard.

~ by Larisa on March 3, 2007.

9 Responses to “fert report”

  1. Six is still more than you need if they are great! I absolutely know the feeling, though – I was surprised to only get 8 embryos out of 19 eggs.

    I hope you are feeling better. It sounds like it was incredibly painful 😦 Take good care of yourself.

  2. Why can nothing be easy for you. I am sorry that the laminaria was so painful and that the fertilization report has you worried. I so sincerely hope that all of these are top notch embryo’s and that 1 or more turn into take home babies (although not necessarily at the same time).

  3. Good luck you guys!!! We’ll be praying for you.

  4. Of course it’s really disappointing, but six is still good. It means nothing about the quality of those that fertilised. Do they know what the problem was with the others?

  5. Knowing this is a numbers game, it is always hard when the numbers seem to take a dive early on.
    The numbers don’t predict anything for your specific case. There are so many factors involved.

    Where there are embryo’s there is hope? In any case, I’m hoping very much for you.

  6. Okay, so before I said I was all about 7’s, but 6 is good, too. Six is sexy and curvy and even. Come to think of it, six rocks 7’s world. 6 is your number. 6 looks damn good on you. And I’m hoping that 6 turns into one (or however many) beautiful, breathtaking answer to your prayers.

  7. Mrs. Hope,
    Dang that laminaria! I’m glad it’s out, too.
    I know you’re disappointed about the 11 who fell through the cracks -and I would be curious and anxious about them too- BUT, one must think that your 6 remaining are the best and brightest.
    I imagine great things will come of them.

  8. Sending you lots and lots of prayers and hope.
    I think of you all the time.


  9. I wish you all the best and please be positive… I m….

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