and life goes on

You just can’t shut me up. Last week I was contacted by a reporter for an Irish newspaper. So as I sat and waited for my negative bloodwork results, I answered her emailed questions. The article came out today. I guess if I can’t get pregnant, I can try to help other women? I want to help other women, but I also want my own happy ending.

I also can’t seem to catch a break. I got in a minor car accident yesterday, less than a quarter of a mile from my house. It’s a terrible intersection. I very much had the right-of-way because I was going straight, and the other driver was turning left (there’s also no arrow at this light – just a standard green). She must have completely not seen me somehow in my bright blue car, because she took a very sharp, rapid turn right into my front end. And, of course, because my bad luck seems to never fail me, her insurance policy had been cancelled. So we’re out our deductible for uninsured motorist coverage. Everyone was ok – I’ve got a pretty sore neck and I bit my tongue on both sides. I hope today is the worst of the soreness. I’m thankful everyone is ok, but I could have done without the extra drama. My car was undrivable due to the damage to the front driver’s side wheel and fender.

Tomorrow, late tomorrow is my follow-up appointment with my doctor. I’m nervous – more nervous than I’ve been since the first appointment with him nearly 2 years ago. My goals are to stand firm about my qualms about our current approach to my cervix and to not cry. Or maybe only cry a little bit.

~ by Larisa on March 21, 2007.

8 Responses to “and life goes on”

  1. Mrs. Hope, I am not sure I ever told you but I read the first article and I really admired that you had done it. I thought it was really very well written and enlightened the rest of the world about our support group. I am glad you have done it again. And.. how in the world did an irish reporter get your name.

    I am sorry to hear about the accident but glad that everyone is ok. I hope the soreness and stiffness doesn’t last long.

    Good luck at the doctor’s appointment.

  2. Mrs. Hope,

    I’m so sorry abt. the car accident. Talk about the last thing you need!

    I hope everything goes okay at your doctor’s appointment, thinking of you.


  3. I also admire you for doing these things, you are really helping others by getting the message out there that they are not alone.

    Good luck with the doc. I think a little crying is ok, but do say your piece about the cervix, you’ve done your research, you know what the story is.

  4. I just read the article as well and its nice to see that someone is getting the message out there. I believe infertility is still a taboo topic and people have no idea what women go through and how hard it really is. I think that its great you are using your own experience to enligthen others. So sorry to hear about your car accident. Good luck at your follow up appointment.

  5. When my student turned left into my car my back was sore for almost a week. It’s never a good time to get hit, but now is certainly particularly crappy timing for “car drama.”

    Good luck with the appointment. Don’t be hard on yourself if the eyes leak. I hope the doctor has a good plan.

    I hope we all get our own happy ending, but I especially hope it for you.

  6. It was great meeting you!

    I will be thinking about you tomorrow when you go for your appointment. You know yourself best, and you are your best advocate so go for it!!!

  7. Mrs. Hope,

    Just letting you know that you do inspire and encourage people TTC the world over.

    I have only just started TTC recently, but I tune into your posts daily all the way from Australia.

    Best of luck at the doctors.

  8. I’m sorry about the accident. Get well soon!
    Some drivers can really be annoying…i was backing my car when a i heard i crashed. My front was hit by a speeding volvo. That day i bought a new honda fender. Wish not to see that volvo car again.

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